Sta. Cruz pushes for singing of Municipal Hymn

Authorities of the Municipality of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur push for strict compliance for the singing of “Sta. Cruz nga Pinalangga,” the official municipal hymn of the town by virtue of Sangguniang Bayan Resolution No. 046-16, Municipal Ordinance No. 04 series of 2016.

The adoption of the “Sta. Cruz nga Pinalangga” conforms to the provision of the 1987 Philippine Constitution to give priority to education, science and technology, arts, culture, and sports to foster patriotism and nationalism, accelerate social progress and promote total human liberation and development; and to foster preservation, enrichment and dynamic evolution of a Filipino national culture based on the principle of unity in diversity in a climate of free artistic and intellectual expressions.

It is also in congruence to the Local Government Code’s provision to ensure and promote preservation and enrichment of culture within its territorial jurisdictions.

“Sta. Cruz nga Pinalangga” is a winning masterpiece out of a song writing workshop in 2003. The lyrics was created by Mr. Benbenuto L. Caspi, Jr. while the music was provided by Mr. Corazon P. Diaz.

The LGU officials therefore requires and directs all officials and employees of national and local government regardless of religion or creed, political beliefs and aspirations, and status in life as premised in the ordinance and any agency or instrumentality, including government-owned or controlled corporations, privately-owned entities or offices and government institutions to comply strictly with the rules prescribed for the rendition of the Municipal Hymn. Failure to observe the rules shall be ground for administrative sanctions.

Here is the whole lyrics of the hymn:


Lyrics: Benbenuto L. Caspi, Jr.

Music: Corazon P. Diaz

Lungsod hinog sa katuigan

Garbo ka sa Habagatang Davao

Giamuma sa ‘yang katawhan

Kalambuan mo gipatigbabaw.

Sa industriya nagmadasigon

Sa kinaiyahan nagmaampingon

Mga tingusbawang lungsodnon

Gisubay sa mithing Diosnon.


O, Santa Cruz nga pinalangga

Kami kanimo mapagarbohon

Kahusay, kalinaw, kalambuan

Ug katakos among ipadayon.

Busa katawhan, lungsod dasiga

Sa ‘yang paglambo agaka

Ampingi ang iyang pangalan

Aron kaliwatan mabulahan

Repeat Chorus

Ampingi and iyang pangalan

Aron kaliwatan mabulahan.

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